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Organic Ecology is a web-based farm management system that offers a complete crop traceability solution to Organic growing groups and Co-ops.

At its core is a comprehensive record keeping tool for individual farms to fill in their day to day crop management activities. It is simple, easy to use and features a variety of report formats to ease the burden of farm record keeping.

Records are stored securely on the web, however access can be easily granted to third parties. Coordinating production across disparate farms now becomes as easy as logging on as up to the minute information about each farm can be communicated instantly. Farms can be grouped together in the system so reports can be easily produced across the group.

For each harvest in the system a 'Trace Code' is generated, this gives access to all the information about that particular crop, from soil preparation through to the harvest date. Distributing this code with your produce allows you to demonstrate the authenticity of your produce without doubt, and does not require any additional work beyond ordinary record keeping. Who can gain access to this information can be strictly controlled, and there is even the option to control specifically which information is seen by which parties. For example you might allow your agronomist to see all the information to better advise you, whilst concealing certain details to your buyers to protect your expertise.

To further promote authenticity Organic Ecology's system can be integrated with certifier's databases allowing each farm to have an authentic, up to date certificate on line. This is then distributed with the 'Trace Code' automatically. The Soil Association has already implemented this, and all their members can get their certificates online.

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